How Many People Can Watch HBO Max at Once

how many people can watch hbo max at once

When using HBO Max, there are no limits to the number of devices to which you can stream content. If you have a computer, smartphone, or streaming devices like the Roku or Fire Stick, you can watch HBO Max on all of them. If you try to stream to more than three devices at the same time, an error message will appear. If this is the case, one of those three people will have to stop streaming for others to watch. 

According to HBO Max, limiting the number of users is done as a form of security. No more than three devices can be used at a time to stream content. Several devices are compatible with HBO Max. They’re listed below.

How Can I Watch HBO Max on Multiple Devices?

It’s necessary to configure each new device in exactly the same manner as the first one you used with HBO Max. Use your email and password or enter a code at the HBO Max TV sign-in site, depending on your device. There is a list of devices above that can access HBO Max. There is no limit on how many devices you can use to access HBO Max if they are on the list. 

How many profiles can you have on HBO Max?

Additional HBO Max profiles must be created after connecting multiple devices. Up to five additional profiles can be linked to a single HBO Max account. It is possible to watch different shows or movies on different devices if you use different profiles on each one. Every account has its own watch collection and favorites.

In order to use the HBO Max App or website, you must select one of your profiles first. In addition, multiple people can use the same device without their watch histories getting muddled by selecting their profile icon and switching profiles at any time.

How do you add profiles for family members on HBO Max?

From the HBO Max website or the app, you can add profiles. Add a new profile from the same screen you use to switch between profiles as long as you don’t already have five profiles.

Add a profile for a member of your family on HBO Max by following the instructions below:

  • Navigate to the HBO Max app or website.
  • Add an adult or a child account by selecting +Adult or +Child on the profile selection screen.

Note: To prevent a child from accessing adult content, you can set a code to prevent them from logging into your account.

  • Choose a color and give the profile a name.
  • Choose Save.
  • New profile owner can now access their HBO Max account and watch using the new profile they’ve just created.

Note: The distinction between accounts and profiles is important to keep in mind. It is still necessary for a family member to log into HBO Max using your password if you create a profile for them.

How many devices can you stream HBO Max at once?

With HBO Max, you can simultaneously stream to 03 different devices. That includes smartphones, streaming devices like Roku and Fire Stick, smart TVs, and the HBO Max website on a computer. 

An error message will appear if you attempt to stream to more than 03 devices at the same time. You won’t be able to stream again until the person who is currently watching your stream logs out.

Can I stream outside of HBO Max?

Consumers don’t actually have to sign up for HBO Max directly through the service. HBO movies and shows can instead be accessed through their current TV provider. If you’re looking to reduce the number of services and payments to manage, a subscription model is a good option. 

The addition of a provider, on the other hand, can have both positive and negative effects on certain features, and this is true for simultaneous streams as well.

Subscribers can add HBO Max to their Hulu subscription, regardless of whether they are on the basic Hulu plan or the more robust, Hulu Live TV subscription. HBO content is also well-integrated into Hulu’s website and apps, making it simple to watch all of the network’s original programming from a single location. 

Hulu users who want to watch HBO on the go won’t have to worry about having to install the HBO Max app on their phones or tablets. The drawback is that Hulu’s restrictions, not HBO Max’s, will apply to these same subscribers. If you don’t have Hulu’s premium ‘Unlimited Screens’ add-on, you can only watch on two devices at once.

Again, these alternate time restrictions only apply when viewing HBO content through a third party. They’re independent of whether or not another service provider has a subscription set up. When combined with the other limitations, this lower limit can actually be a benefit to the subscriber. 

As an example, Hulu subscribers can also use their login information of Hulu to access HBO Max content through the official HBO Max app on their devices. The ‘HBO within Hulu’ streams should be unaffected, allowing a total of five devices to simultaneously access the service.

Any and all HBO Max subscribers who access the service through a third-party provider should follow the same logic, keeping in mind that the exact number of streams and devices available will vary. Aside from this, not all of HBO Max’s content will be readily accessible via a third-party app or website.

How do I add another device to my HBO Max account?

To control the devices on your computer:

  • Sign in to using your computer.
  • Select your profile from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  • Select Device Management from the drop-down menu (Manage Devices is only available with Adult profiles).
  • List of devices that have access to your account, as well as the date they were last logged in.

The summary of HBO Max simultaneous streams

As many as three devices (or people) can simultaneously watch HBO at the same time with HBO Max. HBO Max claims that it limits the number of people who can access a subscriber’s account in order to prevent unauthorized use. HBO Max does not impose any restrictions on the number of devices on which the app can be installed or the number of devices that can be linked to the same HBO account, unlike the limitation on the number of simultaneous streams.

The maximum number of streams available for those who have purchased HBO Max through a third-party service or provider and watch through a different app may be less than three. It’s possible, depending on the third-party service, to stream HBO content to more devices simultaneously by combining the limits imposed by both of the aforementioned apps.

How can I watch HBO Max on my TV?

  • Use the HBO Max app on a compatible device.
  • Log in to HBO Max by selecting “Sign in with a Provider” on the sign-in screen.
  • After that, select your service provider and enter your account information.

How does HBO Max compare to the competition including Disney Plus and Netflix?

HBO Max, unlike other streaming services, is well-positioned, though it falls short of the reigning champion, Disney+. Unlike Hulu and Netflix, Amazon Prime allows three people to watch the same show at the same time. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to four viewers in the latter options.

To put things in perspective, Netflix’s four-person streaming costs $15.99 per month, while Disney Plus is only $6.99.

Can You Bypass an HBO Max Screen Limit?

For the time being, there is currently no other possible way to increase the maximum number of simultaneous streams available on the device of HBO Max. Downloading movies and TV shows from HBO Max, on the other hand, allows you to watch them when you’re not connected to the internet. When you’re watching, your device won’t count against your screen limit as long as it’s offline.

On your phone or tablet, open a movie or TV show in the HBO Max app, verify that you’re using the correct profile, and begin downloading it. Click or tap the download icon, which is shaped like an arrow pointing down, to begin downloading the show. If you have more than one account, you can only download 30 items at a time. For 30 days, you can download a movie or TV show, but you must finish it within 48 hours of starting it.


How much is HBO Max per month?

What is the cost of HBO Max? What are the different packages? It costs $14.99 a month for the standard HBO Max package, which you can cancel at any time. HBO also offers a 20 percent discount on an annual subscription of $149.99.

How can I get HBO Max for free?

Free access to HBO Max via internet plans. As part of AT&T’s Fiber 1000 MPS internet plan, you’ll be able to get HBO Max for no additional charge. A TV and internet package that includes free HBO Max is available if Fiber internet is available at your location.

What is the difference between HBO now and HBO Max?

The standard HBO streaming service, previously known as HBO Now, costs the same as HBO Max. HBO Max is a $15 monthly subscription service that includes all of HBO’s content as well as a slew of new releases from WarnerMedia brands. This means that HBO Max is essentially a free upgrade to the original HBO service.

What devices will HBO Max be available on?

Mobile and tablet users can stream content to their TVs via a wide range of platforms, including the majority of browsers, smartphones, and tablets, as well as smart TVs running LG WebOS or Samsung Tizen operating systems, as well as Amazon FireTV and Apple TV (4th generation and up), Apple AirPlay, Chromebook, Chromecast, Roku, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Vizio SmartCast TV.


HBO Max is a popular service that is used by a large number of people across the globe. You’ll be able to watch a wide variety of films and television shows thanks to this service but unfortunately, you can’t stream content on more than 3 devices at a time. As a security measure, HBO Max restricts the number of users.