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how to cast hbo max to tv

HBO Max will be the all-in-one streaming platform for HBO movies, shows, and more, according to WarnerMedia. Thousands of blockbuster movies, hit series, and HBO originals are available. HBO Max gives you unlimited access to HBO content. It aims to provide a personalized streaming experience to its users with five profiles. 

It’s also all about a carefully curated selection of films and television shows. It allows you to download content for offline viewing. You can watch it on Chromecast because it is a cross-platform app. As a result, you will be able to watch anything on a larger screen from the comfort of your own home. But many users don’t know how to cast HBO Max to TV. You can read on to learn more about how to cast HBO Max to TV below.

Procedure to Chromecast HBO Max

It’s very simple to cast HBO Max to TV. It can be done in two ways. This includes the following:

  • Using a Computer
  • From Smartphone

The following section contains step-by-step instructions to cast HBO Max to TV.

Preliminary requirements are as follows:

  • TV or Chromecast dongle
  • On Android or iPhone, have the HBO Max app
  • Chrome browser (latest version) on a PC
  • Account on HBO Max that is active
  • Wi-Fi is available

How Do You Cast HBO Max to TV With Google Chromecast?

Any TV that supports the Chromecast wireless broadcast technology can be used to cast HBO Max to TV with its series and films. It’s also possible to cast to a Chromecast dongle or a connected streaming stick.

  • Verify that your computer is on the same Wi-Fi network as your TV or other connected devices.
  • Open the HBO Max website in a browser on your computer and login if you haven’t already.
  • Start watching a TV show or a movie as usual.
  • To activate the player controls, tap the video player or move the mouse cursor over it.
  • In the lower-right corner, click the Cast icon. If you don’t see the icon, try switching to a different web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Note: A square with radio waves in the lower-left corner is the Cast icon.

  • A list of Chromecast-compatible devices will appear. Choose the name of the device to which you want to cast. Almost immediately, your HBO Max video should be cast to your TV or smart device.
  • Select the new Cast icon from your web browser’s top menu to stop casting HBO Max to your TV with Chromecast.
  • To stop the Chromecast cast, select the name of your TV or other devices with Stop casting underneath it.

How to use Chromecast and your phone to cast HBO Max to a TV

It’s simple to cast HBO Max from your phone to your television. Make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone and that it is working properly.

  • Switch your TV to the input channel that the Chromecast is on and open the HBO Max app on your phone.
  • Choose a show or film to watch.
  • At the top of the screen, tap the Cast button, then select the Chromecast device to which you want to cast.
  • The HBO Max video should now be playing on your television.

How to use Chromecast and your computer to cast HBO Max to a TV

You can also use Google Chrome Browser on your Mac or PC to cast HBO Max.

Make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer and that it is working properly.

  • Switch your TV to the input channel that the Chromecast is on and open HBO Max in a Chrome browser.
  • Choose a show or film to watch.
  • In your Google Chrome extensions toolbar, click the Cast icon (the same one as on the mobile app). If you don’t see it, select “Cast” from the menu that appears by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose the casting source/device.
  • On your television, the HBO Max show or movie should appear.

Alternative to HBO Max Chromecast on TV

Chromecast is one of the simplest and most common ways to stream HBO max on TV, but it is not the only way to watch HBO titles in Ultra HD on your TV.

Here are some other ways to watch HBO Max on TV without using Chromecast:

Using AirPlay, you can watch HBO Max from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV.

HDMI Cable – Use this cable to connect your laptop or computer to your television physically.

TV Supported Devices: With the HBO Max app, you can watch directly on TV on the following TVs:

Why Can’t I Cast  HBO Max to My TV From Website or Mobile App?

When you cast content of HBO Max to TV or other smart devices, compatibility can be an issue. The Android app, for example, supports Chromecast, but the iOS app does not. Furthermore, not all smart TVs are compatible with Apple’s AirPlay technology.

Fortunately, you can get around these limitations by installing apps on your smart TV or connected device that enable the AirPlay functionality. Airscreen is a popular Android TV app that many people use to cast content from their iPhones.

Another option is to use an HDMI cable and an adapter to mirror the screen of your smartphone on your TV. You can also use HDMI to connect your laptop to your TV.

If you still can’t get it to work, the simplest solution is to download the HBO Max app directly to your TV, streaming stick, or video game console instead of using the casting option.

How to Cast HBO Max on TV in Canada

The method of casting HBO Max in Canada  with Chromecast on TV is simple, and there are several steps to follow to cast the notorious streaming service on your TV:

Watch HBO Max in Canada with Chromecast by using Your Phone or Tablet

It’s simple to cast HBO Max to your TV from your phone in Canada using Chromecast. On iOS (minimum 7.0 version), Android (minimum 2.3 version/Gingerbread), and Android Television, Chromecast is pre-installed.

  1. On your mobile device, open the HBO Max app.2.
  2. Within the HBO Max app, tap the Chromecast icon (Inactive cast extension).
  3. Select the Chromecast device to which you’d like to cast it and begin streaming.

Note: If your television does not support Chromecast directly, you will need to use a Chromecast device to cast HBO Max to your TV.

Setup Chromecast with iOS and Android Mobile Devices on Smart TV in Canada 

The following are the requirements for using a Chromecast device on a TV with a mobile device:

  • HDMI input on a smart TV
  • Chromecast is a device made by Google.
  • Android Tablet/Phone

Note: Make sure that all of your devices are connected to the same reliable Wi-Fi network.

To Chromecast HBO Max with a smartphone on TV, follow these steps:

  1. Buy a Chromecast device and use an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV.
  2. On your TV, you’ll see a “Welcome Chromecast” sign with a number.
  3. Install the Google Home app on your smartphone > use your Google account to log in > Make a ‘home’ for yourself.
  4. On your Google Home app, all of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi will appear. Select the Chromecast number that appears on your TV screen.

That is all there is to it. On the mobile device, the Chromecast setup is complete.

Learn how to cast HBO Max to your television from your mobile device now.

  1. On your mobile device, open the HBO Max app.
  2. Tap the Google cast button (Inactive cast extension ) in the top right corner to watch a movie or TV show.
  3. Start streaming HBO Max in Ultra HD by selecting your TV from the list of connected devices.

Note: Make sure your phone and TV are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Watch HBO Max in Canada with Chromecast by using Your Computer or Laptop

Here’s how to use a computer or laptop to cast HBO Max on television.

  • Connect the Chromecast device to the TV and set it up (Use the method mentioned above).
  • Open HBO Max in Chrome and select a movie to watch.
  • When you begin streaming, the Google Cast button (Inactive cast extension) will appear in the bottom right corner of the HBO Max video player.
  • Start watching HBO Max content on TV by pressing the Google Cast button and selecting your TV from the list of connected devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to Sign Up and Download HBO Max on Google Chromecast

Google Cast

  • To sign up for HBO Max
  • Install the HBO Max app for iPhone/iPad or the HBO Max app for Android Phone/Tablet.
  • Log in with your HBO Max credentials once the app has been installed.
  • Make sure your streaming device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Android phone or tablet, or your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select the Google Cast icon while playing content in the HBO Max app.
  • Select your Google Chromecast, and it will begin to stream content to your streaming device.

What features are available on HBO Max?

Up to 5 Profiles

HBO Max allows you to create up to ten profiles, each with its own color scheme.

Parental Controls

You can create specific profiles for children. They will not only limit the content that the child sees, but they will also prohibit the playback of certain shows and movies based on their rating.

To activate, you’ll need to create a PIN that will allow you to unlock or modify the restrictions.

Parental controls are also available on Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock, Disney+, Paramount Plus, STARZ, and SHOWTIME.

Up to Three Devices

HBO Max allows you to stream content to up to three devices at once.

Offline Downloads

HBO Max, in comparison to HBO NOW, allows you to download your favorite shows and movies to your tablet or mobile device. Every 30 days, you’ll need to update your content.

Offline downloads are not available with HBO Max With Ads, so you’ll need to upgrade to HBO Max Ad-Free Tier to get access to them.

International Access

HBO Max is not available outside of the United States in most markets, but you will be able to watch offline downloads.

HBO Max Pricing & Plans

HBO Max is free if you have a cable subscription. If you create an HBO Max account with your Xfinity user ID and password, it is free. Otherwise, you should pay $14.99 for an HBO Max subscription. The HBO Max website is where you can purchase a subscription.

Possible Issues with HBO Max Chromecast in Canada

Chromecast devices and HBO Max are prone to connection issues; however, if you follow the steps outlined below, you will not experience any HBO Max Chromecast connection issues in the long run. The following are the issues:

  • The HBO Max servers are currently unavailable.
  • Chromecast devices and mobile devices do not share the same internet connection.
  • To make your Chromecast device easier to find, rename it.
  • The HBO Max account must be updated.
  • The connection to the internet has been compromised.
  • Cache and Data must be cleared.
  • Your Chromecast needs to be updated.

How to Cast HBO Max on TV from Canada

HBO Max is currently unavailable in Canada. To watch HBO Max in Canada, you’ll need a premium VPN to get around the geo-blockade.

To watch HBO Max on TV with Chromecast in Canada or anywhere else in the world, follow these steps:

  • Invest in a high-end VPN service (we recommended ExpressVPN for HBO Max).
  • Install the VPN app on your computer or mobile device (whichever device you are using for HBO Max casting).
  • Open the VPN app and select the US server from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the app store on your Smart TV and search for ExpressVPN. Log in using your username and password > Connect to the server in the United States.
  • Install Chromecast on your phone and TV (make sure all devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi).
  • Open the HBO Max app on your phone or computer > Choose a title > Click the Google Cast (inactive cast extension) button > From Canada, start watching HBO Max on TV.