How to Get HBO Max on Fire Stick in Canada in 2022 [June Updated]

HBO Max on Firestick

Curious to know how to get HBO Max in Canada on Fire Stick? then you have landed at the right place. Users had been waiting to say get me HBO Max on Amazon Firestick to virtual devices. Now, the wait is over HBO Max has officially launched on November 17th, 2020, and it is finally available for Amazon FireTV portable devices starting this platform for nearly 60 million users.  

Bottom Line: Now you can easily watch HBO Max on Amazon FireTV Stick, and we will explain how you can get it effortlessly which allows you to stream HBO Max shows, movies, and a lot more through Amazon Tv. Moreover, you can watch all HBO Max content on your Fire Stick.

How to Install & Use HBO Max on Fire Stick?

How to install HBO Max on Firestick

HBO Max has finally arrived on Fire Stick, and other Amazon devices in November 2020. Now you can install HBO Max directly, and start streaming your favorite content – Here’s how

1. Tap The “Search” or magnifying glass icon from the Fire Stick Home page

Search Amazon Fire Stick

2. Now search HBO Max when the keyboard appears 

Search HBO Max

3. Choose HBO Max App 

Choose HBO Max on Fire Stick

4. Hit the download button from the next screen 

Download You Own It

5. Once it completes, open the app 

Click Open HBO Max on Fire Stick

Now HBO Max is successfully installed on your FireStick. Enter your HBO Max credentials to watch your favorite content online.

How to Get HBO Max on Fire Stick Using Downloader?

It is the easiest way to install HBO Max as set side-by-side to the others Since download is famous among Fire Stick users, and this is the only way to use 3rd party application through sideloading.

Below are the instructions on how you can install the app by using downloader:

1. Shut down all the applications, and navigate to Home Page 

Search Downloader on Amazon Fire Stick

2. Tap orange downloader icon 

Tap Orange Downloader Button on Fire Stick

3. Choose download button 

Tap Download You Own It on Fire Stick

4. Once It’s finished, Tap open to begin it

Open Downloader on Fire Stick

5. Click allow the button to grant permission 

Click Allow on Fire Stick

6. Tap “OK” on the guide screen

Quick Guide on Fire Stick

 7. Type this link on the search bar, & tap “OK”

Type URL on Downloader on Fire Stick

8. Let it connect to the server 

Type this on Search Bar on Fire Stick

9. Click the install button 

Click Install on Fire Stick

10. Once your application is installed click done 

Is It Safe To Sideload HBO Max on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes 100%, it is completely safe, and secure. You can sideload HBO Max on Amazon FireTV Stick. Moreover, you are downloading an app that is not a MODify version or anything else. You can even download this application from the Play Store, and create a backup of it. However, in this way you are free to sideload this app on your device and enjoy watching your favorite content in no time. 

How to Get HBO Max on FireStick Through ES File Explorer?

It is the second method to get HBO Max on Amazon Fire Stick after using a downloader. You can use this method if you don’t want a downloader but it requires a premium version. However, if you don’t want to use the paid version you can use the downloader.

Follow this process to get HBO Max using the ES file explorer:

  • Select search from the menu
  • Write ES File Explorer, and open it
  • Tap on the download button
  • When the app is downloaded, choose Open to begin with it
  • Click Allow to grant permission
  • Click the 3 horizontal lines from the left side 
  • Choose Download Manager.
  • Tap the + sign at the bottom on the right.
  • type the source URL so just type and then type name HBO.
  • Tap the Download Now button
  • When the download completes pop-up will appear, now from here click the Open File button
  • Tap the Install
  • It will open the installation window, tap Install again
  • Tap the open to launch this application

Is HBO Max Not Working On FireTV Stick?

HBO Max not working on Fire Stick

If you are getting errors during the installation of HBO Max then make sure to uninstall HBO first, and try again. If HBO Max is already installed but not opening then make sure cache is cleared, if it is not then clear the cache and try to re-launch the application again. This will surely resolve the issue otherwise restart the device, and open the app again. 

What Can I Watch on HBO Max with Amazon Fire Stick?

What to watch on amazon fire stick

There are more than 11,000+ hrs of worthy content available on different platforms like Studio Ghibli, DC, Crunchyroll, Sesame Workshop TCM, Bored to Death, Cartoons. You can stream the best TV shows including The Wire, The West Wing, The Gilded Age, Somebody Somewhere, Peacemaker, Euphoria, Gossip Girl Part Two, Minx, and TCM’s. There is also a large number of HBO Max originals, and movies collection like  Alien, Casablanca, and South Park.

What is Amazon Fire Stick?

What is Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is a portable streaming device that efficiently converts your Tv Into Smart Tv. This device makes you able to watch loads of content online including individual channels, network television, and subscription. You can watch tons of content for free through this device. However, apps like Amazon prime video require a monthly fee. 

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Amazon Fire Stick FAQS

Yes, it is available on Amazon Fire Stick from November 2020 onwards. You can get download an app on Amazon TV by using the downloader.

Downloader is the 3rd party application to sideload Amazon FireTV Stick. Moreover, you can use ES file explorer but a premium version is required. If you already have the pro version it is better to go for downloader.

Yes, it is. Moreover, you can download HBO Max from the Amazon app store.

Yes, read our full article that will guide you on how you can install HBO Max on Fire stick step-by-step.

Yes, it is completely legal, and it is officialy available on the Amazon App store.


We hoped you enjoyed reading the article. If you want to watch your favorite content then install, and use HBO Max on Firestick now. It is available on the Amazon application store. Download it, and follow the step-by-step guide process provided in this guide.